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Psoas Syndrome: A Frequently Missed Diagnosis . You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited For a patient with psoas muscle

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Learn about the psoas muscle. This important core muscle is often blamed for low back pain. Find out more about it and how to keep it healthy.

An unhealthy psoas muscle could explain your low back pain. Learn the best ways to improve psoas health, plus other symptoms of a dysfunctional psoas.

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PSO-WHAT? The psoas is a rope-like muscle located deep in the belly, which runs obliquely from spine to the femur. The psoas is joined at the hip, literally, by the

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Most yoga students are aware that the psoas is a central player in asana, even if the muscle’s deeper function and design seem a mystery. A primary connector

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The most common approaches to psoas muscle pain involve stretching, massage and/or other attempts to get the psoas muscles to relax. They don’t work.

The psoas muscle (pronounced SO-as) may be the most important muscle in your body. Without this essential muscle group you wouldn’t even be able to get out of the

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Structure. The psoas major is divided into a superficial and deep part. The deep part originates from the transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae I-V.

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